Production of Special Purpose Machines

For design documentation, our construction department uses products by Autodesk, primarily the Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD 3D systems.

We are able to supply documentation according to your requirements, as well as produce, install and debug individual machines directly at your facilities.

We are a highly experienced company with a team of skilled specialists.

Kotva #conveyors


We supply and construct special conveyors, especially ones designed for operation in difficult environment, including cooling systems for conveyors.

Cooled screw conveyor

Conveyor for rolls

Roller conveyor for heating chamber

Kotva #steel-structures

Steel structures

We supply steel structures including structural surveys and optimization for easy access to the device, as well as with regard to the seismic zone where the steel structure will be installed.

Steel structure for technological device

Special platform with arc-shaped upper part

Kotva #storage-tanks-silos

Storage tanks, silos

We are able to supply, design and calculate storage tanks for various types of materials, from sand or pellets to materials for food processing purposes.

Sand silo

Kotva #loose-material-transportation

Loose material transportation

We design and supply pneumatic transportation for the purposes of loose material transportation.

Pneumatic transportation of sand

Kotva #special-applications

Special applications

We are ready to partake in the development of your production lines or those of your customers. In this field, we have a wide range of experience from various fields of industrial activity.

Automatic cupola furnace stopper

Mold for building block production

Kotva #heat-exchangers

Heat exchangers

We design and manufacture heat exchangers, especially waste gas-to-air and waste gas-to-water types for various industrial applications. 

Waste gas-to-air heat exchanger