Kotva #service-of-industrial-burners

Service and Sale of industrial burners Santin

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our customers.

Critical spare parts are always kept in stock.

We are an authorized service center and exclusive sales representative for designated  gas devices with burners Santin.

It is possible to negotiate a service agreement with individual conditions for service of your device. This could also cover technological units that were not provided by our company.

We perform regular maintenance checks and inspections of designated gas appliances.

Kotva #repairs-and-re-manufacturing-of-waste-gas-chambers

Repairs and re-manufacturing of waste-gas chambers

We perform:

  • preventive inspections and repairs of linings
  • inspections of other parts of waste-gas chambers

Kotva #repairs-of-high-temperature-linings

Repairs of high-temperature linings

We perform:

  • repairs of combustion chamber linings
  • repairs of heat exchanger linings
  • repairs of pipeline linings
  • repairs of rotary chamber linings

Kotva #repairs-and-re-manufacturing-of-heat-exchangers

Repairs and re-manufacturing of heat exchangers

We perform:

  • heat exchanger repairs
  • tube circuit replacements
  • repairs of heat exchanger linings
  • preventive inspections of heat exchangers
  • cleaning of heat exchanger tubes