Technology for Mineral Wool Production

Processing of waste gases from the cupola furnace

For processing of waste gases (blast furnace gases), devices called "thermal oxidizers" (with heat recuperation) are used.

At the intake to the device, a certain level of filtration is applied and subsequently, in the combustion chamber, thermal oxidation of waste gases occurs, particularly the CO carbon monoxide is utilized.  A natural gas burner is employed to support burning.

Waste heat is utilized for heating of the combustion air of the cupola furnace. This purpose is served by heat exchangers designed according to the needs of the customer or the specific cupola furnace.

We emphasize economical operation, i.e. the lowest gas consumption yielding the highest possible temperature of the combustion air into the cupola furnace.

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Heating chambers and processing of waste gases from the curing chamber

For heating of the curing chamber, combustion chambers equipped with natural gas burners are used. The type and specifications are determined according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the curing chamber.

For processing of the waste gases, devices called "thermal oxidizers with heat recuperation" are again used, see description above.  It is however necessary to adapt the device to the composition of the waste gases.

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Filtration of dust particles

We design and supply filters in many different configurations.

High-temperature types suitable for temperatures of 800°C and more, fabric types with automatic regeneration, types with metal filtering elements etc.

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Loose material transportation

Pneumatic transportation – we design and supply pneumatic transportation solutions for loose material transportation.

Special purpose machines and devices

Our portfolio includes a wide range of special purpose machines that we design according to exact specifics of our customers.

Automatická ucpávka kupolové pece

Manipulátor licích žlábků kupolové pece